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Rider Biomechanics

Mounted & Unmounted Assessment


The horse and rider must work in harmony for optimal athletic performance. If the rider sits to one side, takes more weight on one bottom cheek than the other, collapses to one side or has a tendency to elevate one shoulder this will result in compensatory movement patterns in the horse.

When assessing the mounted rider, the rider wears a “visualise jacket” designed by Centaur Biomechanics. The jacket highlights the rider’s posture and rider’s position during different horse gaits and transitions.  Video footage of the horse and rider team can be taken to provide rider feedback and a record of the rider’s position on the day. It can be used by both Tracy as a Pilates Instructor and by the client’s Riding Instructor to help them improve their ridden posture and position.

An off-horse Rider Biomechanics Assessment can also be performed where the riders’ standing and sitting posture, balance and different muscle groups are tested for strength and flexibility. After the assessment an individual Pilates based exercise programme is prescribed for home practice. It is recommended that the rider’s exercise programme is regularly reviewed so that appropriate progressions can be added.


Riders are also welcome to joint in at one of the organised Pilates Classes.

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