I cannot thank Tracy enough – for visiting us at home for Tigger’s physiotherapy, for the thorough and knowledgeable treatment itself, and her kindness shown to us both throughout. I would never hesitate to recommend Tracy to treat your pet, big or small.
Carol Bennett

When our 8 year old Hungarian Vizsla, Toby, started limping last summer, we tried the usual anti-inflammatory drugs and then x-ray to rule out arthritis but Toby was still hobbling.  Our vet referred us to Tracy and she advised us on an exercise plan including controlled exercise, up and down hills, on different terrain and keeping his toe nails short (easier said than done!) and ice after vigorous activities, he responded well and recovered quickly.

After a week in the Borders for shoot over days in October, our younger dog, Oscar 6 years, returned limping.  We immediately got Tracy on the case and Oscar was found to have right bicep tendonitis.  The regime for him was far tougher than for Toby and started with 10 mins walking on the lead twice a day, which for a big, bouncy dog is not much.  Tracy visited often to use laser therapy and advised swimming as a non- weight bearing exercise.  On Tracy’s recommendation, I booked Oscar in at Doggy Dips in Sonning Common and he had several sessions while unable to walk far at all.  Gradually we increased the lead walks up to an hour twice a day, and then started letting him off the lead for small amounts of time and then built that up…and now 7 months later we are back to normal walking off the lead.

Tracy was great with both dogs, which have very different temperaments, and both made a full recovery (still keeping my fingers crossed!).  We had a pony with a tendon injury a few years ago and I can say the dog was the easier patient by a huge margin.  If I was still riding, I would definitely be trying Tracy’s Pilates for Riders lessons. Thank you Tracy!

Annie Deung

Tracy Crook gave us the confidence in rehabilitating our cocker spaniel, Honey after spinal surgery for a ruptured disc. Tracy is friendly, confident and reassuring. She showed us lots of ways in which we could work together to get Honey back on her feet. Our lovely family dog is now well on the way to getting back to normal and getting stronger every day.  Many thanks Tracy
Catherine Hardman

Tracy was recommended to us by our vet when our 12 year old Golden Retriever had problems with mobility in her back legs. Tracy was great with Fudge and us explaining everything. She came to our home to assess what alterations we might need to make to help Fudge and because she was so relaxed and friendly Fudge responded really well to Tracy. Tracy showed us how to massage Fudge and followed everything up after her visit with a very detailed email the same day. On her follow up visit it was amazing how much the exercises had helped Fudge’s mobility.

We would recommend Tracy to any pet owner wanting to help their animals.

Carolyn Edwards

Tracy has worked with our elderly Labrador Basil and helped to keep him mobile. She gave us a “Routine” which we kept to and it made a very big difference.  We would recommend her to anyone who has a dog with a problem.
Nicola & Mike Hickey

Tracy beamed confidence when she came in the door. Cassey has come on so well with all her treatment and I am very happy with the results.
Mrs J Smyth


I first met Tracy when she was recommended by our vet to treat my horse’s sore back. Tracy spent time getting to know Dakota and really understand the underlying causes of his pain as well as treating the symptoms. Tracy was also able to help me understand where my own posture was causing issues for both me and the horse and help me correct these areas. She is able to explain what is happening and why in a way that a layman can understand and as result we are a happy healthy partnership of horse and rider. (In fact, we are so impressed she has also treated my daughter and my dog!)
Tara Leaver & Dakota

Tracy was recommended to me by my vet when my mare Goldie needed rehabilitation after a near fatal impalement injury.  She was left with a very weak shoulder and significant muscle wastage. Tracy worked really hard with both of us – and taught me how to continue the therapy between visits.  With Tracy’s help in just a few weeks, there was a visible improvement in Goldie’s shoulder. Throughout the treatment, Tracy explained everything so clearly, giving me the confidence to help my girl.  I can’t thank her enough.
Sandy Robinson & Goldie

After 3.5 months Buffy can be ridden again after her pioneering, standing kissing spine operation with Cedric Chan and Sarah Randell. She had four kissing vertebrae which were operated on. After some great physio from Tracy Crook and a lot of rehab, solariums, massages and TLC the day came to get back on – Just wonderful! Thank you so much to everyone at Chiltern Vets, our team at Widmer and all of the support we have received for Buffy the wonder horse!
Francesca Burfitt & Buffy

My 5 year old cob had two vertebrae that were close together and causing him pain when ridden. My vet advised I try physiotherapy. That’s where Tracy came in and we haven’t looked back. She assessed him on the flat and under saddle. He was stiff as well as in pain. She worked with him then gave me exercises to do with him between her visits. His improvement has been amazing, he’s a different horse. He is supple, works happily and we are now getting canter on both reins. He even looks different; he has built up muscles in the right places. He now is on a maintenance programme of six monthly visits.
Diana Bedward

Tracy has done a fantastic job helping my horse, who suffers from kissing spine and other ailments. My horse always seems to feel better after her treatments and she gives a very clear and comprehensive work programme for him, whilst working closely with his vets and the other professionals involved with his care. She’s very professional and maintains high standards, always having the horse’s best interests at heart. Tracy is excellent at considering a horse’s health from many different angles and giving owners helpful advice for the holistic care of their horse. Highly recommended!
Polly Watt & Hector

Tracy was exceptional when I needed advice about my late thoroughbred that had quickly deteriorated and she was so kind and supportive throughout. She also recently checked my 2 year old over and was very thorough and so calm and gentle with him. She’s also helped me with exercises and advice to help my own back problems. She truly is a lovely person with extensive experience and the best client manner and she always takes the time to explain things clearly. I couldn’t recommended her enough to anyone who has physiological worries about their horse, pet or themselves.
Aleesha Bees

Tracy has come to see my mare a few times now. Great service and advice would recommend her. Thank you xx.
Kate Davis

Tracy is an exceptional professional who is kind and extremely helpful and sensitive to difficult situations. Having animals herself she always appreciates how precious they are to their owners. I would not hesitate to recommend her.
Kelly Gordon

I had Tracy out to my super stiff mare and so glad I did. She had underlying issues that Tracy helped to diagnose along with my vet. Tracy treated her and gave me lots of great exercises to continue with and she’s now a different horse. Tracy came highly recommended and I know why. I wouldn’t use anyone else.
Katie Ward

Tracey has been treating my boy Rio who is dealing with some back issues for a while now. She is thorough from start to finish, and explains everything in clear detail. Rio is really relaxed around Tracey and has always benefited from every session. Tracey is always so polite, punctual, honest and really sympathetic towards the horses.
Lauren Dawes & Rio

I first met Tracy when she gave a very informative talk on Pilates for the horse and rider at Wendover Heights Veterinary Centre. As a result of that talk, my sister and I arranged for Tracy to visit us and our two horses. Tracy thoroughly examined our six year old American Quarter Horse, Ronnie, who had been showing signs of discomfort. Tracy said that he had poor muscle tone in his back and neck, describing him as being lordotic. When we trotted Ronnie up Tracy said that he was bilaterally lame in front and sore on the left side of his back which I had not previously noticed. Tracy conferred with Ronnie’s vet, who confirmed the lameness, so he was put on light work for a couple of weeks. Tracy demonstrated some spinal flexibility exercises, including carrot stretches and tummy lifts, to work on with Ronnie, which we continue to practice.

When Tracy returned a few weeks later she said that she saw a great improvement in Ronnie’s condition. He was no longer lordotic, his back no longer sore, and he showed no sign of lameness.

I am very pleased to say that Ronnie is sound and is progressing well in every respect. His back is strengthening and his attitude has greatly improved. Tracy has suggested that I watch some you tube videos of western pleasure horses, which I found helpful in determining how to proceed with a horse of Ronnie’s conformation and temperament. Tracy’s visits, as well as giving me confidence, have had a dramatic effect on Ronnie’s health and attitude, for which we are very grateful.

Claire Bloomfield & Ronnie

Some 4 years ago Tracey undertook the rehabilitation work on my dressage horse, Rowan Magic (Roo) after kissing spine surgery. The improvement was quick and easy to see and I was given clear exercises to further develop his range of movement and flexibility. He returned to work in the expected timeframe and continued his winning ways. We have just competed internationally in France for the first time and were the best Brit being placed in the top 5 in all 3 classes.
Clare Abel & Roo

I had felt something was not quite developing properly with my young horse for a long time. She was not building muscle, her back looked poor and she was working (ground work only at this stage) with increasing levels of tension. Her posture was tense and I had on and off hind limb lameness over the course of months. I had countless bodywork, osteopathic, chiropractic and physio professionals look at her over the year, all of which would make her more comfortable – but it would only last a few days. She then started to develop some reactivity (in the form of nipping) towards the farrier, saddle fitter and bodywork professionals. With all these things adding up I knew I was not dealing with the cause of the problem properly. On Tracy’s first visit she identified the severity of the problem, the fact that she could only mask it/temporarily make her comfortable and really I needed to get veterinary involvement and diagnostics. A scan and X-ray showed damage to the supraspinous ligament over T8-T9 which of course was making her wither area uncomfortable and affecting her movement through her back and hindquarters. After 7 weeks of rest and bute, she has really improved, and is now enjoying a physio program to carefully strengthen her.

Laura Mindsalike

We have owned Simeric Smooth Criminal (aka Reggie) for 2 years now and have spent much of that time struggling to get him to maintain weight.

His previous owner told us he was a good doer but very quickly he had lost all muscle tone as well as fat stores. Our vet did various tests but nothing came to light but at this stage we didnt scope for ulcers.

Over last summer he did regain some of his weight and well being only to loose it again after Christmas. Our vets suggested scoping and to talk to Tracy which we did. Reggie had grade 2 ulcers which we treated and asked for Tracys help.

The change is a matter of 2 weeks after Tracy first met us and treated Reggie was unbelievable. To begin with his back was terribly sore, worse on one side. Tracy spent an hour with him and Hannah showing her simple exercises to help loosen Reggie off. On her suggestion he wasnt ridden. The 2nd visit Tracy saw a massive improvement with Reggies weight and way of going.

From that point he has go from strength to strength having completed his first endurance ride post treatment with flying colours and is now looking to compete in Belgium at the end of June in 120km race. Hannah and I cant thank Tracy enough for her kindness to us and the miracle she performed on Reggie.


Tracy has come out to my horse a couple of times now when we’ve been in soft tissue crisis! She gets straight to the heard of the issue, where others don’t seem to be able to, and fixes it – who could ask for anything more? This last time I was thinking about retiring my lovely mare and how she’s sound and moving beautifully thanks to Tracy.

Katherine Kennedy

Merlin is a changed horse, he is more supple and less stiff than we have ever known him . We were thinking of semi retiring him, and certainly not doing dressage with him again, as he has never been able to work in an outline and always poked his nose out. But we were wrong, with a lot of work from Tilly he is, at the age of 17 transformed into a dressage pony and Tilly is a determined dressage diva in the making.

Thank you so much for your help on behalf of Merlin and Tilly.

Cicely Davey


Tracy has been a blessing to our yard! She has helped many of our liveries for the better and we would truly be lost without her eye for detail. Tracey has a wealth of knowledge and is always very keen to teach others and answer any questions. We would highly recommend Tracey to anyone looking for a Physio, be that for yourself, horse or dog.
Nick, Yard Manager - Petersham Farm

A big thank you to Tracy for being so supportive when she visits for regular check- ups and treatment of both the riding school and livery horses. It is obvious that Tracy is passionate about improving the welfare of the animals that we work with and to passing her knowledge on to the team to ensure continued improvement.
Jodie Maile, Yard Manager - Moorwards Farm Equestrian Coaching Facility


I have been going to Tracy’s Pilates for horse rider’s classes for about 8 months now. Tracy is a fantastic knowledgeable instructor who takes care of individuals, gives specific advice, watches everyone carefully to make sure they’re doing it right, moves bits of you if they are in the wrong place! The class is very relaxed and we have great fun with lots of laughter but it is equally challenging, My core strength and range of movement have both increased considerably which has greatly improved my riding position. Absolutely brilliant!
Jane Walton - Horse Rider

I’ve done Pilates over many years but never like this!  The difference she’s made is incredible to how I do everything, especially riding! Tracy has opened new dimensions as to what correct Pilates training can achieve and in a uniquely qualified package! Her eye for detail and exceptional knowledge of human and equine movement, and rider position pitfalls; her personal journey from life changing injury to better-than-ever mobility ; her intelligent and clear direction plus warm humour combine to make every lesson a true masterclass! Tracy’s a walking, bending, stretching living testimony to the power of Pilates. Can’t get enough of it!
Pippa Sands, Flatwork instructor & Dressage Rider

I have been attending Tracy’s Pilates classes for several months and I love the way she teaches. Tracy does not miss any incorrect positions and explains movements and exercises very clearly. Classes are small and personal and are geared towards the rider and to help improve the horses way of going. I have felt the benefit in my posture, and my riding instructor commented on my upper body riding position being much improved. This was illustrated today in my prelim dressage score at my riding club members show when I scored over 76% .  My riding instructor and Pilates instructor Tracy deserve credit for the much improved score that I got today. I really look forward to my Pilates evenings and am very disappointed when a course finishes, and cannot wait for the next one to begin.
Jo Bourke - Horse Rider

I am very much enjoying and benefitting from Tracy’s Pilates for Riders course at Moorwards farm. After slouching both on feet and horseback for over 60 years, I hope I am at long last getting a better posture (my instructor says so!). Highly recommend Tracy.
Susie Bicknell - Hodgemoor Riding Club

Tracy’s Pilates for horse rider classes are fun, encouraging and informative. My back pain has reduced and I am now a lot more aware of my position on the horses that I ride.
Jodie Mail, Yard Manager - Moorwards Farm Equestrian Coaching Facility

Hi Tracy, I just wanted to say thank you so much for our session yesterday, I can’t believe how much improvement there has been since last session with you. I really felt we made some good steps this time with more areas to work on in improving my position and making Pipers life a bit easier. Definitely worth while alongside my normal riding instructor to work on straightness and position. Have a good week.

Sarah Terry

Dear Tracy, Thank you for this!

I have completed them all this evening and definitely starting to get the scissors level one when I float my left leg.

I tried finding neutral pelvis in my saddle when I got on today. Apart from a lot of back cracking which never really happens to me I suddenly found my legs felt a few inches longer as soon as I got the right pelvis alignment!!! I couldn’t maintain it in trot but in walk and canter I was able to stay in it and yes felt a lot more comfortable! My suddenly longer legs meant I felt I could wrap round her a bit more and not always have my spur on her. She was a toad but I felt better! So massive thank you already!

Can’t wait to see what I am like in 2 weeks!

Chelsea Calvert

I would highly recommend Tracy Crook for her holistic approach to improving both the rider and the horse: I have had the pleasure of working with her for over two years now and she has a fantastic eye for detail, working with the rider both on the ground as well as on the horse.

Her knowledge and understanding of Biomechanics combined with her Physiotherapy makes her a valuable asset to any rider, whatever their level, who wants to ride at their best, be straight and biomechanically correct so they are able to maximise their horse’s potential. I feel strongly that our horses need us to be the best we can be; we should not burden them, or create issues that effect their way of going and this is very much the guiding principle in Tracy’s approach.

It is quite an eye opener when one has a session with Tracy, as none of us is truly straight, level or equal on both sides. As a coach, I have used her for several of my clients – with current injuries, old injuries and/or fit and healthy riders. Feeling better in themselves after a Biomechanics assessment with useful, constructive exercises to work on, they have also noticed a marked improvement in their horse’s way of going.

Throughout the years that I have known her, Tracy has been approachable and knowledgeable, managing clients with utmost understanding and professionalism.

Sarah MacDonald

FBHS, BE Accredited Coach, PC Specialist Coach

Just wanted to say that my increased straightness has made the biggest improvement in my riding. My straightness has 100% impact on Fly’s … staggering. Had the BEST session ever today.

Jo Nash

I am so pleased with the results I am getting. Fin is very sensitive to weight aids and imbalance so to consistently get right canter trans when I have struggled for years is so fantastic

If I was ever in any doubt of Pilates this week would have convinced me. Three schooling sessions, every single time a clear correct transition to canter from trot! I always had muddled right canter transitions. For the last week pretty perfect forward loose round transitions, must be more body aware from Pilates, thinking about it a few weeks ago Fin also became much softer.

I know I have got stronger so probably more balanced but my aids are so much suppler, thank you for all your help and support. Roll on Monday for more strengthening!

Clare Crowdy

Tracy was recommended to me by my riding instructor. Within a couple of  sessions, my posture has improved beyond recognition together with my understanding of horses.

Totally dedicated, Tracy’s extensive knowledge of horses and riders make her the ideal physiotherapist.

Without a doubt, she is the very best in her field. Thank you Tracy for all your hard work.

Christine Varley


As always, Tracy was prompt responding to my plea for help. Assessed the situation, and gave much needed advice and treatment. Can’t recommend CVP highly enough. Hoping we don’t need to call her too often, but always a pleasure to benefit from her expertise, delivered with a smile.
Mandy Luzar

Tracy has treated me many times over the last few years for various aches and strains in her capacity as a physiotherapist. She is highly proficient and very professional. I would thoroughly recommend her.
Les Paul